How “Bumpology” Shaped 19th Century America. Presented by Lee Slider.

Phrenology in the 19th Century was the belief that a person’s abilities could be determined by the shape of one’s skull and the size of the “bumps” thereon.  Thoroughly discounted by science today, phrenology was proscribed to be a true science by most intellectuals of the time.  It is estimated that over 2,000 “Practical Phrenologists” had set out across America to read the heads –“having their heads examined,” of a population eager to better themselves.  Prof. Phineas Fairhead P.P. a.k.a. Lee Slider will provide an entertaining lecture on this little known aspect of 19th Century popular culture.  

Date:     Saturday, August 20

Time:    1:30 PM


Macon County History Museum


5580 North Fork Road. Decatur, IL62521


Cost:  $2 admission fee