Steamboat Stories - Mississippi and it's tributaries

July - 26 @ 1:30pm

Guest speaker Don Chamberlain will be at the MCHM Complex on July 26th to speak about the Mississippi river, its tributaries, and an extensive look at the history of steamboats.

Don was born and educated in Decatur IL.  After earning his Bachelor of Science and Master's degrees from Michigan State University he taught high school biology.

Don has had several articles published about wildlife photography. In recent years Don has turned his attention to the American Civil War.  He has completed six Road Scholar programs on Civil War topics and studied and visited many Civil War Battlefields and Museums.

In 2009 and 2010 Don visited Steamboat Museum sites and rode steamboats along the river systems.

This program will discuss the first steamboats in the West, Abraham Lincoln's association with steamboats, and the Sultana Incident which is to be considered the greatest maritime disaster in U.S. History.

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